Helix Capital Services has been recently set up to act as the promoter of the Iris Fund and to provide investment advice.

The three directors of Helix Capital Services have a combined 30 years of experience buying, asset managing and financing commercial property in London. Working for Atlas Property Letting & Services Ltd, they have steadily grown the company to one which has over £650m of assets under management. Over the last 10 years, they have transacted on £350m of commercial and residential property and have a proven track record of delivering market beating returns for investors.

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A Chartered Surveyor with over 15 years of professional experience, Frixos joined Atlas Property over 11 years ago. He oversees the acquisition of property, asset management and day-to-day management of the property portfolio.

Frixos joined Atlas Property eight years ago, after 5 years of professional experience as a Chartered Accountant. He is now the group’s Financial Director, overseeing a £250m portfolio of loans and has excellent contacts within the property finance industry.

Andreas has over 13 years’ professional experience managing the group’s planning applications and developments. With his in-depth knowledge of the UK planning system, he oversees the various architects, planning consultants, building surveyors and contractors that Atlas Property employs.

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